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Teacher turned    Photographer

A little bit about me . . .

I am a country girl who loves all things outdoors, unless it's in the summer! I prefer comfort over fashion, so you'll hardly ever find me dressed up. I enjoy watching movies and playing video games with my husband, Michael. 

 I grew up in historic Chattanooga, Tennessee, but moved to North Georgia after getting married.

     Check out those babies!         

My official "career" has been teaching since 2006. I loved parts of teaching, but after changing schools, grades and states a few times I realized the job wasn't satisfying any longer. 


I have always enjoyed taking pictures of my friends & family. I'm pretty sure I had either a camera or camcorder attached to my body from 2001-2008! My friends used to laugh about it, but now I'm the one with all the hilarious footage!

In college I found myself needing 1 fine art credit, which led me to Dark Room Photography. In this class we used a Canon 35mm camera and learned how to develop film and make our own prints. I FELL IN LOVE.

In 2009, my sister and I threw our money together to purchase our first DSLR camera; a Nikon D3000! It was my workhorse until I purchased my new Canon EOS R in November 2021. 



 finding My Purpose 

In 2020 I prayed to be used by God in any way I could. I believe God gives talents so they can be used to further his kingdom and to give praise back to Him. During prayer one night I heard this song and it was so fitting for this venture. I have prayed for this business & for the endurance it takes to do all the work required (It's a lot!) Also, it's scary to put yourself out there!

"I'm standing knee deep, but I'm out where I've never been.

I feel you coming and I hear your voice on the wind... Then you crash

over me and I've lost control, but I'm free.

I'm going under, I'm in over my head. You crash over me and I'm

where you want me to be. I'm going under. I'm in over my head.

Whether I sink, whether I swim; it makes no difference when I'm

beautifully in over my head." - Bethel Music

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